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Coping Tips

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Below, you'll find some sound coping tips for helping you with your asthma attack or allergic reaction. Feel free to call us for more information and/or tips.

1. Follow Directions

If your current nonprescription allergy medication isn't helping, see your allergist for alternatives. New, effective allergy drugs are available by prescription, but never try someone else's medication.

2. Travel Prepared

The allergy season varies in different parts of the country. If you're planning a trip, find out when pollen will be at its peak and pack your medication.

3. Wash Up

Wash your hands frequently. Shower and wash your hair every night to keep pollen from getting on your pillows and bedding.

4. Dryers Are Best

Allergy sufferers shouldn't hang their laundry out to dry. Wet clothes collect pollen, which further aggravates your allergies.

5. Limit Outdoor Activities

When pollen counts are high or the air quality index shows high levels of pollutants, stay inside. Air pollution and cigarette smoke aggravate allergic symptoms.
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