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Allergy Care in Fountain Valley & Irvine, California

Allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis & Immunology Associates are leaders in Clinical Trails.
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You do not have to be afraid of going outdoors during peak allergy season when you receive allergy and asthma care from Allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis & Immunology Associates. Everyday well-being for everyone in your family starts with proven allergy care from our specialists in Fountain Valley & Irvine, California.

What Are Allergies?

Allergies are specific reactions to normally harmless substances that do not bother most people. Allergic people often are sensitive to more than one substance. Allergens enter the body in one of four ways:

1. Airborne Particles (Pollen, Dust, and Mold Spores) Breathed in Through the Nose and Mouth
2. Insect Venom Injected through the Stinger
3. Foods That Are Ingested or Swallowed
4. Medicines That Are Injected or Ingested
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Did You Know That...?

1. An estimated 50 to 60 million Americans (1 in every 5 adults and children) suffer from allergies, including allergic asthma. Allergies are the sixth-leading cause of chronic disease in the United States.
2. Allergies have a genetic component. If only one parent has allergies, chances are 1 in 3 that each child will have an allergy. If both parents have allergies, it is much more likely (7 in 10) that their children will have allergies.
3. Allergies are responsible for 3.4 million lost U.S. workdays each year, at a cost of $639 million. An estimated 2 million school days are lost each year due to allergies.
4. An estimated 6 to 10 million Americans are allergic to cats.
5. An estimated 2 million Americans develop severe allergic reactions to insect stings.
6. Food allergies are believed to occur in 8% of children younger than 3 years old. Approximately 200 deaths per year are due to food allergies.
7. An estimated 42,000 cases of adverse drug reactions are reported annually.
8. More than half of all allergy sufferers fail to recognize their symptoms at first, falsely believing they have a cold or the flu.
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